Adult Formation

Adult Formation

Small Group Communities

8zshawyiou8errrxeookydnw7tl.jpgWhat is meant by Faith-Sharing?

Small Group Communities come together to read specific Scripture passages and then reflect and share with their small group family how the passage speaks to them and how they see God calling them to action in their daily lives.

Small Group Faith-Sharing Communities invite us, through Scripture, to encounter and experience Christ in a more meaningful and personal way.

Bonds are formed within the small group community by sharing how each member believes Christ is speaking to them personally through Scripture and by praying together and opening their hearts to receive the Holy Spirit.

Faith-sharing is rooted in the belief that God is always present and active in our lives and invites us to acknowledge this presence and action with one another in a safe and confidential setting.

Messengers of Hope Community

On April 7th the St. Ambrose Messengers of Hope Community completed the five week program based on the book by Father Mike Schmitz, “A World Undone” Finding God When Life Doesn’t Make Sense.” Members will continue to use this thought-provoking book to further discussions with family, friends, and fellow parishioners.  The Messengers of Hope Community is looking forward to meeting in the near future as well as planning for the upcoming fall program.  A near term goal is to identify how we can be of service to our parish.  Father Mike stated at the end of his book: “Jesus established a Church for each of us, to be a home, a family, a people with whom we are never alone.  The St. Ambrose Parish Messengers of Hope Community invites you to join us as we share God’s Word with others.  Please contact the Rectory for more information.  Thank you!

Bible Study

We have moved Bible Study to the virtual world!  Join us on Zoom to study, meditate, and learn from the Bible.  This is also a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with your fellow parishioners.  To receive a Zoom invite directly from Jim Heller, please forward your name and email information to [email protected] 

The Bible Study is to develop a personal relationship with Jesus through the study and living out the truth in the scriptures.  It is to bring the Word alive in each participant through the action, power, and love of the Holy Spirit.  Each week several chapters of the book being studied are read and discussed.  One book at a time is read until completed.  Everyone gets a chance for comments and has a say in the choice of the next book that is studied.

The Sodality of the Blessed Virgin Mary

The Sodality of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Saint Ambrose Church is an organized group of women who gather to practice simple devotions to honor our Blessed Mother. We recite the prayers of the Holy Rosary and the Novena Prayer to Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal.

The purpose of Sodality is to foster in the hearts of the members a more than ordinary devotion to our Blessed Lady and implore her special protection in life and death.

We are, primarily and foremost, a prayer group and do not practice extraordinary fundraising measures.  Our treasury is comprised mostly of the annual $5 membership fee and a monthly donation of $5 from all of the members who attend the meeting.