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2020 St. Ambrose Christmas Survey

2020 St. Ambrose Christmas 2020 Suvey

During this time of pandemic, your feedback will assist us in shaping the Parish Christmas Experience.     Please complete this survey by NOVEMBER 8. 

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The survey can also be found in the October 25 church bulletin and returned to the Parish Office via mail, in the offering basket, or the mail slot at the parish office. 

Holy Hour for the Dignity of the Human Person

Praying for Essential Workers

To recognize and pray for our essential workers, we are asking our parishioners to share with us the names of loved ones who are serving on the frontline of the COVID-19 Pandemic. These names will be included on a prayer list that will be available on our website (St. Ambrose Prayer List of Essential Workers) and placed on the altar during Mass. Please email us the name and hometown you would like to include. Information can also be sent to using the form below.

Please include the following on the prayer list of essential workers



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We have our new Parish App available for you to download - click the image below 


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If you have a special intention, remember the votive candles in our church are available to burn for your intention.  Please call the rectory if you would like a certain candle lit.  We have recently added two candles to the Divine Mercy statue in the back of the church.

Beginning in November, the candle next to our Military Prayer Book will be available to burn for your intentions.  We ask that these intentions be reserved for our military.  For example, intentions can be for veterans, current service members, POW/MIA, KIA, military branches, etc.

Throughout history, the recitation of the Rosary has obtained many miracles, especially in desperate times, whether during the Battle of Lepanto in 1571 or the Soviet invasion of Austria in 1955. 

Our modern times are desperate indeed.  Our Faith and our families are under attack.  Yet now more than ever, we pray, and we hope!  We hope in God’s mercy, we hope in Our Lord and in Our Lady.  We hope in the power of the Holy Rosary. 

Our Lady, Saints, and Popes have told us The Rosary is the most excellent form of prayer and the most efficacious means of attaining eternal life.  It is the remedy for all our evils and the root of all our blessings.  It is a ‘weapon’ for these times.  The United States Grace Force led by Father Richard Heilman, Queen of Peace Media, an organization of Catholic volunteers including priests and lay people; along with Catholic Action for faith and family led by Cardinal Raymond Burke promote praying the Rosary together as a force against the temptations of Satan. 

Our Parish Retreat team invites you to pray the Rosary with us the first of each month immediately after the daily Mass in unity with Cardinal Burke in his ‘Operation Storm Heaven’ movement.  Become a Rosary Warrior!

For more information, about how you too can become a Rosary Warrior, visit catholicaction.org.

When our choir is struggling to learn a new special piece of music for Christmas or Easter, our choir director sometimes is forced to remind us that, ‘whatever we do, we do together.’  What begins as chaotic song over time becomes a beautiful coordinated melody with four-part harmony.   For the past several months, we have seen the chaos and the destruction that individuals ‘doing together’ can do, the billions of dollars of damage and the homes and businesses that have been destroyed, the billions of dollars of damage that somebodies are going to have to pay not only with money but with time and effort to rebuild if rebuilding is ever possible.

Thanks to newly acquired technology, parishioners will be able to participate in Arise Season Three from the comfort of their homes. 

No Internet – no problem!  You can participate by phone.

Starting on October 19th and continuing for six consecutive Mondays from 7 pm to 8:30 pm we will join in small groups to journey in the footsteps of Christ to pray, to share and to learn together and, most importantly, stay connected with one another during these unprecedented times.  For many of us this will be stepping out of our comfort zones, but we are blessed to have this opportunity to continue to grow spiritually with Arise Together in Christ!  Help is available if needed to learn how to access the meetings.

We will even have a virtual social hour on Monday, November 30th at 7 pm.  Grab your favorite beverage and enjoy some social time with your fellow participants.

Registration forms including details on dates, how to join and where to pick up your book are available on the parish web site, the Our Parish Facebook page, the St. Ambrose Religious Education Facebook page or by calling the Rectory.

We look forward to coming together for Season Three Arise Together in Christ!

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