A Family of Faith Yr I


Families with children in Levels 1,2,4,5,6 participate in “A Family of Faith,” which provides parents/guardians with formation opportunities that build community while empowering parents/guardians to explore faith lessons with their children in the home setting. Families gather monthly on Sunday morning following the 8:30 am Mass from 9:40-11:00 am. After prayer and family discussion in the Parish Center, students move to classrooms where adult mentors affirm the lessons. Adults remain in the Parish Center for formation that better enables them to facilitate formation in Faith in the home setting.

In addition, families gather for special seasonal sessions.

A Family of Faith Year I: Exploring the Professsion of Faith


Letter to Parents/Guardians

Pacing Guides

Online Bible

VIDEO CATALOG (Enhance the A Family of Faith activities by using any of the following videos.)


Create a Family Prayer Corner        Catholic Family Prayer Time          Hail Mary          Our Father           Glory Be      

Parts of the Bible (older children/adults)       Bible Song (younger children)       Sign of the Cross (younger children)      Teach Kids to Pray in Color


Sign of the Cross song

Lesson 1: Activity 1-What it means to believe     What Does it Mean ot Believe in God? (older children/adults)     Who is God? (older children/adults)     

Lesson 1: Activity 4-Faith Requires Obedience    Lesson 1: Activity 5-Summary of Faith 

Lesson 2: Activity 1-How Can We Know God      Lesson 2: Activity 2-Who is God   

Lesson 2: Activity 3-The Blessed Trinity   The Trinity (younger children)   Trinity (older children)     What Does it Mean that God is Triune (older children/adults)   

How Can we Summarize Belief in the Trinity? (older children/adults)      "Pictures" of the Trinity (older children/adults)   

Lesson 2: Activity 4--The Beauty of God's Creation (older children)     What is Creation? (older children/adults)    God & Nature (adults)    

Seeds of Life (adults)     St. Francis (younger children)       St. Francis (older children and adults)


Lesson 3: Activity 1: Made in His Image   Lesson 3: Activity 3-What is Man? (older children/adults)     What is the Soul? (older children/adults)   

Lesson 3: Activity 4-What is Grace    Skit Guys-Grace

Lesson 3: Activity 5-Fall From Grace    What is Original Sin? (older children/adults)     

Lesson 3: Activity 6-Fallen but Loved      God's Story: The Good News   

Lesson 4: Activity 1-Covenants in Scripture      


Lesson 5: Activity 1-Advent (How to Draw the Advent Saints)     Advent Introduction w/ Br. Francis      

Lesson 5: Activity 2-The Annunciation       Mary the New Eve     

Lesson 5: Activity 3-The Immaculate Conception       Lesson 5: Activity 4-The Incarnation

Interview with St. Nicholas of Myra


Family Gathering ZOOM Recording

Lesson 6: Activity 1-Who is Jesus      Lesson 6: Activity 2-Miracles of Jesus    Lesson 7: Activity 1-I Am the Way   

Lesson 7: Activity 2-Baptism    Baptism-Soul Bath (younger children)      Baptism (older children)       

Lesson 7: Activity 3-I Am the Life     St. Paul's Conversion


Mardi Gras & the Catholic Church     Lent      Lent Song (younger children)     Lesson 8: Activity 1-Did Jesus Really Die     

Lesson 8: Activity 2-The Resurrection    Where's the Body (older children)      Lesson 8: Activity 3-Salvation is a Process      Lesson 9: Activity 1-Te Deum (hymn)   

Lesson 9: Activity 2-The Ascension       Lesson 9: Activity 3-Last Days & Last Judgment      Where Are You Going 

Lesson 9: Activity 4: These Least Brothers of Mine (younger Children) Skip to 4:50 for Mt 25; Be aware of talk of children dying from hunger at 10:00.       

St. Brigid of Ireland     St. Brigid and the Wild Boar    How to Draw St. Brigid's Cross   

Feb Announcements


Lesson 10: Activity 2-Who is the Holy Spirit      Lesson 10: Activity 4-Pentecost   

Pentecost in 3 Minutes (younger children)     Pentecost-Catholic Central (older children & adults)

Lesson 11: Activity 1-Holy Spirit in Our Lives    Fruits of the Holy Spirit song   Lesson 11: Activity 2-The Church has Jesus' Authority     

Lesson 11--Church explained with Lego   
St. Peter Story Part I      St. Peter Story Part II    


St. George & the Dragon (younger children)     St. George (older children & adults)      

Divine Mercy Chaplet (younger children)    Divine Mercy Chaplet (older children & adults)      

Lesson 12: Activities 1 & 2-Four Marks of the Church     Lesson 12: Activity 3-Communion of Saints     

St. Catherine of Siena