A Family of Faith Year IV


Families with children in Levels 1,2,4,5,6 participate in “A Family of Faith,” which provides parents/guardians with formation opportunities that build community while empowering parents/guardians to explore faith lessons with their children in the home setting. Families gather monthly on Sunday morning following the 8:30 am Mass from 9:40-11:00 am (October, November, January, February and April). After prayer and family discussion in the Parish Center, students move to classrooms where adult mentors affirm the lessons.

In addition, families gather for evening seasonal sessions (December, March, May).

A Family of Faith Year IV: Christian Prayer

Praying in Families with Children
[copied from https://www.intergenerationalfaith.com/prayer.html]

Prayer needs to be modeled and taught in very simple ways at home. All of the prayer activities in this chapter can be used in a family over the course of a year with increasing intensity and depth. For example, one family joins hands every night before the evening meal. Their prayers are simple, acknowledging God’s presence during that day, giving gratitude for good grades, good weather, good food, good playtime; offering intercessions for those who are in need; and asking to recognize God’s will for each family member. Sometimes this prayer is preceded by a short reading from the Bible or other book of prayers, and is usually followed by a simple song.

Although prayer time takes only a few minutes, its daily repetition acknowledging God’s presence within the family is important and nurtures everyone. At bedtime one family member can lead a short prayer with each child and give a nighttime blessing. Sometimes children like to talk about their problems and concerns; the family can also ask for God’s assistance and for the strength to live as God wants us to.

Prayer is a way of connecting our lives with God’s life and God’s will for us. Here are several help suggestions for guiding your children in their prayer life:

  • Pray as you can in the midst of your busy day.
  • Call the child’s name in prayer so they know they are important to you and to God.
  • Establish patterns of prayer in family life that nurture the practices of prayer in your child from the earliest ages.
  • Help children learn to pray by imitation—by watching you pray and imitating you.
  • Remember that the repetition of prayers nurtures familiarity and security in children.
  • Teach children to use their own words in prayer.
  • Encourage children to pray anytime, anywhere, under any circumstance, and to say anything to God they want to say.
  • Guide children in experiencing a variety of prayer forms—praise, thanksgiving, spontaneous, petition, and contrition.
  • Create a Prayer Package for someone who is experiencing loss, grief, trauma, or illness.


Letter to Parents/Guardians

Monthly Overview Sheets

Prayer Journal (Found in Activity Book pages 177-184)

VIDEO CATALOG (Enhance the A Family of Faith activities by using any of the following videos.)


Create a Family Prayer Corner        Catholic Family Prayer Time          Hail Mary          Our Father           Glory Be        

Sign of the Cross      Teach Kids to Pray


Guardian Angel Prayer (young children)          All About Guardian Angels (older children/adults)   The Samaritan Women  

God Calls Samuel           Our Lady of Fatima        God Calls Abraham      God Calls Moses      Old Testament Faith    

Abraham & Isaac      St. Teresa of Avila (younger children)       How to Draw St. Teresa of Avila        St. Theresa of Avila (older children/adults)   


The Lord's Prayer Song (young children)  Matt Maher-The Lord's Prayer   National Shrine of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal           

The Lord's Prayer~A Rabbi's Insights (older children and adults)    Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal (children)

 Holy Days of Obligation      St. Leo the Great (older children and adults)


Memorare Song (younger children)       The Lady of Guadalupe         St. Francis Xavier  

The 7 Petitions of the Lord's Prayer (adults)     


Drawing the Name of Jesus      Joseph: King of Dreams (Rent or Buy)      Family Consecration to the Divine Mercy      Prayer for Family Protection

Mary, Mother of God (older children and adults)    Jesus and Nicodemus      Baptism (older children and adults)       Baptism (younger children) 

St. John Bosco (younger children)     St. John Bosco (older children and adults)


Feast of the Chair of St. Peter         The Chosen: Jesus Turns Water to Wine      Water into Wine (younger children)

Rosary: Joyful Mysteries        Rosary: Luminous Mysteries       Rosary: Sorrowful Mysteries      Rosary: Glorious Mysteries

Story of the Hail Mary Prayer      Our Lady of Lourdes: St. Bernadette       St. Jean Vianney        

Vocal, Meditative and Contemplative Prayer (older children and adults)      Praise Ye the Lord (children's song)   

Praying in Color (Doodle Prayer)    St. Josephine Bakhita


The Angelus Prayer(older children and adults)    The Angelus Prayer (younger children)     Praying the Liturgy of the Hours (older children and adults)

Sts. Felicity and Perpetua (older children and adults)      Sts. Felicity and Perpetua (younger children)

The Annunciation (children)      Fr. Mike Schmitz: The Virgin Mary's Struggles (adults)

Praying with C.A.T.S.     


St. Faustina (Divine Mercy)        Gregorian Chant: Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel      St. Michael the Archangel (chant)      

Spiritual Combat: The Armor of God (adults)   Don't Get Distracted (children)    Do You Get DIstracted During Prayer (adults)   

Our Lady of Pontmain      Sacramentals    Litany of Saints (sung)   When the Saints Go Marching In    St. Vincent Ferrer