A Family of Faith Year IV


Families with children in Levels 1,2,4,5,6 participate in “A Family of Faith,” which provides parents/guardians with formation opportunities that build community while empowering them to explore faith lessons with their children in the home setting. Families gather monthly on Sunday evening from 6:00-7:20 pm. After prayer and discussion in the Parish Center, students move to classrooms where adult mentors affirm the lessons that have been explored in the home setting throughout the previous weeks. In addition, families gather for seasonal sessions including Fall, Advent and Lent.

A Family of Faith Year IV: Christian Prayer

Letter to Parents/Guardians


Monthly Overview Sheets

Prayer Journal


Create a Family Prayer Corner        Catholic Family Prayer Time          Hail Mary          Our Father           Glory Be        Sign of the Cross


Guardian Angel Prayer (young children)          All About Guardian Angels (older children/adults)   The Samaritan Women  

God Calls Samuel           Our Lady of Fatima        God Calls Abraham      God Calls Moses      Old Testament Faith    

Abraham & Isaac      St. Teresa of Avila (younger children)       How to Draw St. Teresa of Avila        St. Theresa of Avila (older children/adults)