Statement from U.S. Bishops

Please take time to read the U.S. Bishop Chairmen statement in wake of George Floyd's death and the ensuing national protests - Statement of U.S. Bishop Chairmen.

Pastoral Letter against Racism

And please remember these intercessions during your prayer time:

For the grace to see every human being as a child of God, regardless of race, language or culture, let us pray to the Lord.

For our faith community, that we may respond boldly to the Holy Spirit's call to act together to end violence and racism, let us pray to the Lord.

For our communities that peace, harmony, and truth will be promoted, let us pray to the Lord.

For the protection of all police and first responders who risk their lives daily to ensure our safety; for fair and just policing that will promote peace and wellbeing in all our neighborhoods, let us pray to the Lord.