Masses, Memorials, and Candles

Masses, Memorials, and Candles


Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

  Saturday, January 16

    Living and Deceased Parishioners

  Sunday, January 17

    Francis Ted Allar

    Amy Rouse Gernert

  Monday, January 18

    Robert K. Andrews and Marj Sherriff

  Tuesday, January 19

    John Demcher, Jr.

  Wednesday, January 20

   Keith Rizzuto

  Thursday, January 21

   James and Audrey Bender - 60th Anniversary


Sanctuary Candles

For our PREP families and mentors

For our recently deceased


Sacred Heart of Jesus Candle

For the safety and health of our nursing home residents and staff

Immaculate Heart of Mary Candle

For those struggling to put food on their tables

Chapel Candle

For the families of those who perished on Sriwijaya Air Flight 182

Divine Mercy

For the safety and health of our college students as they return to campus

Divine Mercy

For the safety and health of our teachers and students


For the families of Officers Brian Sicknick and Howie Liebengood

Votive Candles in the Chapel