A Family of Faith


Families with children in Levels 1,2,4,5,6 participate in “A Family of Faith,” which provides parents/guardians with formation opportunities that build community while empowering them to explore faith lessons with their children in the home setting. Families gather monthly on Sunday evening from 6:00-7:20 pm. After prayer and discussion in the Parish Center, students move to classrooms where adult mentors affirm the lessons that have been explored in the home setting throughout the previous weeks. In addition, families gather for seasonal sessions including Fall, Advent and Lent.

2021-2022 UPDATE:  Families will gather monthly using Zoom.  In-person seasonal gatherings will be offered when possible.


Letter for Parents/Guardians

Highlights Video


Monthly Overview Sheets

September Session Videos

Parent Meeting Recording

Catholic Family Prayer Time          Hail Mary          Our Father               Glory Be

October Session Videos   

Session Recording

Morning Offering      Travel Guide to Heaven (story for young children)    Heaven (for young children): Part I  Part II          

Parable of Weeds Among Wheat (start at 2:25)      Parable of the Hidden Treasure and Pearls   

Castle on a Cloud      The Beatitudes       Made in God's Image (Younger Children)     Made in God's Image (Older Children) 

You're Kind of a Big Deal (Older Children & Adults)    Adam & Eve Sin (Based on Genesis 3)

Discerning a Decision (Adults)      St. Margaret Mary Alacoque 

November Session Videos     

All Souls Day (video)   All Souls Day (activity)      Conscience (for adults)      Conscience (for children)     

Sin (younger children)     Can Sin Make You Happy (adults)    Sin  (older children)

The Good Shepherd/Lost Coin/Prodigal Son        St. Martin de Porres 

Precepts of the Church        Precepts of the Church (with explanation)         

December Session Videos

Advent     St. Lucy

Teaching Virtues to Children     Dominican Sisters Virtues Program     

Virtues (adults)      Virtues (older children)     Virtues (young childer)

January Session Videos

Renewal of Baptismal Promises      The Prince of Egypt (Rent the Movie)     St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Ten Commandments Hand Actions (younger children)     Ten Commandments (younger children)    Ten Commandments (older children)

4th Commandment (younger children)     4th Commandment (older children)

February Session Videos

Lent (younger children)     The Lent Song     Lent (older children)      Saint Paul Miki and Companions    

The 2 Great Commandments      Who is my Neighbor?     Love Your Neighbor song    

5th Commandment (older children and adults)     Being Pro Life (older children)     Pro-Life Issues (adults)

Marriage (older children & adults)     

March Session Videos

Solemnity of St. Joseph       Church of the Beatitudes       St. Katharine Drexel

Corporal Works of Mercy (younger children)     Corporal Works of Mercy (older children)      Corporal Works of Mercy (adults)

Spiritual Works of Mercy (younger children)      Spiritual Works of Mercy (older children)       Spiritual Works of Mercy (adults)

The Good Samaritan      Sermon on the Mount/Beatitudes (younger children)     

Beatitudes (older children)      Beatitudes (older children and adults)

April Session Videos

Eucharistic Adoration (children)        Eucharistic Adoration (adults)       My Adoration Book (children)

St. Mark   
Battle of Lepanto      Catholic Social Teaching (adults)      

Skeleton Bones song (younger children)    Life & Dignity (older children and adults)