Adoration and The Rosary


Perpetual Adoration of Our Lord takes place at the Perpetual Adoration Chapel at the Rectory of the Church of St. Patrick in Pottsville, PA.   The chapel is open at all hours and all are welcomed to adore at any time.  If you have any questions, please call the Church of St. Patrick at 570-622-1802.

Not sure what to do during Adoration?  Check out Busted Halo's A Beginner's Guide to Eucharistic Adoration


Where are you on your faith journey?  Have these past several months affected this journey?  Do you believe that God is our Heavenly Father and Jesus is His Son, our Lord and Savior?  Do you accept and recognize Mary, the mother of Jesus, as your Heavenly Mother?  Do you honor your Heavenly Mother?

Do you realize we are at war, a spiritual war for our very Christian existence?  And just as Mary asked the children of Fatima, Portugal to pray her Rosary daily, she asks you to do the same.  She asks you to spend the First Saturday of the Month with her and your family of faith, meditating and reflecting on some portion of her son’s life while He was with us on earth.  Can you hear Him calling out to you?  Do you hear your Heavenly Mother asking you to pray with her?

Our Parish Retreat Team invites you to join as we pray the ‘Patriotic Rosary’ for our community and our country.  Inspired by Our Lady, the ‘Patriotic Rosary’ is a powerful prayer for divine protection and mercy for our Nation and its rebirth.  Together we are a spiritual force.  Together we pray for peace and the salvation of all souls in our country and our world as our Heavenly Mother asks of us.

How to Pray the Rosary

Don't have a Rosary?  Consider downloading The Family Rosary AppGet a Rosary right on your phone!

Or if you would rather use your computer or tablet, visit Absolution Online for an eRosary.

Please visit our St. Ambrose YouTube page (St. Ambrose Church Schuylkill Haven) to view our devotions including the Rosary and Chaplets prayed during the month of May.